Pokémon GO Devs Confirm Remote Raiding For Regular Tiers Will Remain “Right Now”

“Pokémon GO remains about exploring the world around you”.

Pokémon GO was always designed as a mobile game to get you up, outside, and moving. But back when the pandemic kicked off in 2020, developer Niantic had to change things up considerably to allow people to still play the game while also staying safe at home.

Now, over two years later, as in-person events are returning and people are attempting to get back to a normal way of life, Niantic has started bringing back exclusive in-person raids to its augmented reality game, starting this weekend with a new raid during Community Day. But GO’s game director Michael Steranka has told Eurogamer that this is a “unique experience” for this weekend, but the company hasn’t ruled out making more exclusive raids.

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