Poll: What’s The Best Spider-Man Game On Nintendo Systems?

With great power comes great crashy bang bang.

The internet has been a-tinglin’ our spidey senses recently with rumours about the upcoming movie Spider-Man: No Way Home flying around social media. Will Maguire and Garfield return for this one? And, perhaps more importantly, will the film be a good one — like the last one with Doc Ock — or will it be a boring one with too many villains — like… well, you know the ones.

Regardless, all the spidey talk has got us jonesing to play the web-slinger in video game form. While Nintendo gamers miss out on the latest (and greatest?) interpretation, a whole load of Spider-Man games have appeared on Nintendo consoles over the years. Switch owners might only be able to play as him in Lego Marvel Super Hero form, but there are plenty of other options on older consoles.

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