Prepare For Today’s Avatar Generations Release With New Launch Trailer

Avatar Generations, a new mobile turn-based squad RPG that’s free to play on Apple and Android devices, is out today, and you can prepare for the game’s release with a new launch trailer. 

Developed by Navigator Games and published by Crystal Dynamics Eidos Entertainment in association with Paramount Consumer Products, Avatar Generations is an RPG that lets players team up with iconic characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender to explore a dynamic map of the Four Nations. It features retold stories from the series and new ones adding to the overall world of Avatar

Check it out in the Avatar Generations launch trailer below

“In Avatar Generations, players assemble a team of iconic Avatar heroes and adversaries as they explore a dynamic map of the Four Nations,” a press release reads. “The game’s turn-based battles are immersive and strategic, with customizable formations and team combos. The journey not only revisits the most memorable moments from the Avatar universe but also offers new adventures in the Avatar world. Players will relive the classic adventure of Aang and his friends, while battling powerful enemies, upgrading heroes, and mastering the elements to bring balance to the spiritual and physical world.”

Avatar Generations features Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Toph, and others like the Blue Spirit, Princess Yue, Kyoshi Warrior Suki, and more. Each character has their own skills and players can level them up to unlock more and customize them further. You can even equip supports like Momo and Appa to further strengthen your characters. 


Navigator Games will add new characters and companions, additional cosmetics and gear for heroes, and more areas to explore across the Four Nations map in future updates. 

Avatar Generations is out today on iOS and Android devices. 

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