Random: Fan Made Resident Evil 4 DEmake Brings Heaps Of Nostalgia

It’s like we’re back in 1998 all over again.

Last month, the internet was set alight with the news that Capcom’s iconic Resident Evil 4 would be receiving the remake treatment (after a few leaks, mind!) with the stunning RE Engine. That particular game isn’t coming to Switch sadly (though we’ll remain optimistic for whatever the consoles successor will bring), so unfortunately we won’t be experiencing the likes of Ramon Salazar in glorious next-gen graphics on Nintendo’s system. We’ll keep dreaming though!

One fan on Twitter, however, has gone in the complete opposite direction by commencing work on a Resident Evil 4 “DEmake”, effectively taking the characters and environments from the fourth mainline entry and bringing the visuals in line with Resident Evil 2. Complete with static camera angles and an animated loading screen, the resulting presentation is incredibly convincing! The area in question looks like the underground walkway that directly precedes the first cinematic encounter with Bitores “Big Cheese” Mendez.

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