Random: GoldenEye Control Troubles On Switch? This Simple Joy-Con Swap Trick Is The Answer

When left is right and right is left.

GoldenEye is now available to play on Nintendo Switch. Ah, how long we’ve waited to type that sentence! After 25 years as an N64 exclusive, Rare’s seminal first-person shooter has finally escaped from its 64-bit confines and is now playable via a Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscription, or on Microsoft’s Xbox.

However, anyone who has tried the game already on Switch may well have run into control issues. Frankly, the way the N64 pad inputs map to a modern dual stick controller is a bit messy to say the least, and the default layout is almost guaranteed to have you pressing the wrong buttons and pulling the wrong trigger — at least to begin with. It’s possible to remap buttons at a system level, of course, although resetting those when you want to play other games can get tiresome. On Xbox, it seems, the controls have been tweaked for dual-analogue control by default, but not on Switch.

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