Random: People Are Getting Pretty Worried About Splatoon 3

Is “more of the same” going to be enough?

Splatoon 3 is just a handful of weeks away from launch, with the sequel heading to the Switch on September 9th. Despite the fact that Nintendo has been drip-feeding bits of news here and there on Twitter, including new songs, gear reveals, and new multiplayer maps, there’s a distinct feeling amongst the community that the marketing around the game has been a bit lacklustre.

It’s no surprise, either. The launch of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has understandably taken up a lot of Nintendo’s time over the past few weeks, with the company bombarding fans with new trailers, gameplay footage, interviews, and more. Now that the game is out, though, can we expect Nintendo to shift its focus over to Splatoon 3? Well, yes, theoretically. That hasn’t stopped some fans from getting quite worried, though, particularly in the wake of a new Pokémon Presents being announced for later this week (though we fully acknowledge that this is more of a Pokémon Company event rather than a Nintendo one):

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