Random: Pet Fish Reveals Credit Card Details During Pokémon Violet Livestream

That fish deserves a schooling.

Pets can do silly things. They eat newspapers, tear up fabric, and make us laugh. But one famous fish has accidentally revealed its owner’s credit card details during a Pokémon Violet livestream. Automaton Media reports that the fish found its way onto the eShop and did a number of things, including changing the user nickname and adding funds to the owner’s wallet.

Okay, this one needs some context, doesn’t it? Mutekimaru Channel is a Japanese YouTuber whose most well-known livestream series is called ‘Fish Play Pokémon’. On these streams — you guessed it — some pet fish actually manages to play through entire Pokémon games. The channel has played through Pokémon Crystal, LeafGreen, and Sapphire, among many others — with 20,00 hours of playtime under their belt, this school of fish is incredibly impressive.

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