Random: Retro Enthusiasts Accomplish World’s First Donkey Kong 2P Kill Screen

“There’s a kill screen comin’ up!”.

If you’re familiar with the classic Donkey Kong arcade game, then you’ll have undoubtedly heard of the kill screen. For those not in the know, the game essentially features a level known as the ‘kill screen’, whereby the in-game timer will be so low that’s it’s impossible to complete the stage as a result of a programming bug, thereby “killing” Mario once the timer reaches zero and ending the game. The kill screen occurs at level 22 and reaching this point of the game is exceptionally difficult, even for the most skilled of players.

Imagine our surprise, then, to find out that two players have not only successfully reached the kill screen, but have done so by combining their skills and taking turns in navigating through the game’s stages. To our knowledge, a two-player kill screen had not been achieved prior to this, so we reached out to Luke Brynycz – who accomplished the feat alongside David Lyne – to hear more about how they went about the completing the challenge.

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