Random: Some Square Enix Staff Really Want A Final Fantasy VI Remake

But it would be “difficult”, says Square Enix VP.

We’ve already got Final Fantasy VI on modern consoles thanks to the Pixel Remaster, but what if Square Enix decided to remake its beloved 1994 RPG? Apparently, some staff at the studio want to see it, according to vice president and Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase (via @Genki_JPN).

To celebrate the Final Fantasy series’ 35th anniversary, Square Enix hosted a roundtable discussion (on YouTube) on the Pixel Remasters and the franchise, featuring Kitase alongside the “father of Final Fantasy” Hironobu Sakaguchi and artist Kazuko Shibuya. During the chat, Kitase addresses the question of a Final Fantasy VI remake, which has been kindly translated by Genki on Twitter:

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