Random: Talented Artist Creates Mario Odyssey Miniature… Out Of Garbage

Mama Mia!

Recycling has been a pretty big thing for a while now, and for good reason. Chucking a load of plastic away is, of course, terrible for the environment, so why not break it down and use it for something else? One talented artist has done just that, taking a whole bunch of random bits of garbage and remaking it into something truly beautiful – a miniature diorama of Super Mario Odyssey.

Posted by Studson Studio on YouTube, the progress video shows how he went about creating the miniature diorama, from combining bits of plastic junk to form the foundation of the Odyssey ship to creating a base of dirt from, er… dirt. It’s a fascinating process and we recommend you watch the whole video to truly appreciate the work that’s gone into this thing. We appreciate all types of art, of course, but when it also goes toward helping the environment, heck yeah – we love it.

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