Random: The Internet Reacts To The New Switch OLED Model

Get yer memes, get yer fresh memes here.

Wellll, wellllll, wellllllllll. It looks like every single games journalist and influencer was right after all, with a few hundred caveats. The much-rumoured Switch Pro has turned out to be a sliiiightly underwhelming new Nintendo Switch model with a bigger OLED screen, a hole for the internet to go into, and a horrible name that we’re going to have to type out every single time we talk about it. Ugh.

But also, it comes in white, and the toaster dock is more slick! We didn’t predict that. Or did we? Maybe we did. We’ve been trying to find new things to say about this years-long rumour, after all; we probably even predicted it would have Amazon Alexa integration at one point.

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