Random: There’s A New Hill In London, And People Think It Looks Like Super Mario 64

Uncool, Uncool Mountain.

“What on earth do you mean,” we hear you say, “by ‘a new hill’?” Trust us, we’re as baffled as you are. It turns out that The Powers That Be (Westminster Council) commissioned a £2 million hill next to Marble Arch, for some reason, and yesterday, the 26th of June, was the launch day (although how exactly one “launches” a hill is unclear).

Visitors, tourists, and mound fans were expected to pay £8 (EIGHT! POUNDS!) for the privilege of climbing the small hill, which was apparently lowered to £6.50 after people calculated that each of the 130ish steps would therefore cost 6p to mount. According to gleeful reports, the hill was so pants that everyone has already been offered refunds.

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