Random: This Giant Inteleon Plush Is The Most Threatening Pokémon Merch Ever

It’s the eyes!

The starter trio for Pokémon Sword & Shield are a pretty unusual bunch. You have Rillaboom, a taiko-drumming gorilla; Cinderace, a soccer-playing bunny; and lastly, Inteleon, a secret agent. Inteleon quickly became a pretty meme-able Pokémon back when the games were released in 2019, but we think it’s time to give this lanky lizard some more time in the spotlight.

And The Pokémon Center in Japan seems to agree because it’s just announced a four-foot-tall Inteleon plush. Yes, that’s right — at around 120cm tall, this plush is almost four feet tall. Nintendo Soup shared details of the plush, which will be made to order, as well as fully posable.

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