Random: Want To Drive Your Car Using The Wii Wheel? This Fan Can Do Just That

A Wii convertible.

In the hundreds of hours you spent playing Mario Kart Wii with the Wii Wheel, did you ever once dream of driving your own vehicle in real life with that same peripheral? Well, one fan has made this a reality, and gone one step further, by ‘Wii-ifying’ his car.

Go Nintendo has shared the work of TikTok star @ttptng – Tyler Atkin. Tyler is attempting to revamp his car by using Wii peripherals. That means the steering wheel is – obviously – the Wii Wheel. But he hasn’t stopped there, as Tyler has installed a fully-functioning Wii into his dash, has replaced the top of the shifter with a nunchuck, and has even changed part of the handbrake!

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