Random: Where’s Ms. Pac-Man in Pac-Land?

Pac-Mom? I hardly know her.

In case you missed it, Pac-Land is out on Nintendo Switch today courtesy of Arcade Archives and Hamster. Those who have been eager to play this 1984 arcade classic now have a chance, just a little bit ahead of the release of Pac-Man Museum+.

Fans have spotted something a little bit off, however. Pac-Man’s wife appears to have left him! Okay, let us slow down a second. At the end of every “trip” (basically level) in Pac-Land, Pac-Man returns home to his wife, Ms. Pac-Man, and their daughter. Now, if you’re a die-hard Pac-Man fan, then you’ll know that Ms. Pac-Man has a fairly iconic look, with a red bow in her “hair” along with red lips and red boots. Their child sports a similar look (without the lippy, obviously).

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