Random: You Can Get Boney’s Sneaky Disguise From Mother 3 In Plush Form

And the claymen too!

If you’re one of the lucky ones and have been able to play Mother 3, you might remember a section where Lucas and his trusty canine companion Boney have to get into a club. When arriving at the club, the pair are turned away because the venue has a strict “no animals” policy. So, how do you sneak your four-legged friend inside a club? Put him in human clothes, obviously.

It’s the good ol’ gag, isn’t it? Seen in countless media and video games over the years. Of course, all it ends up doing to us is make us laugh and maybe get a few “awwws” from us too. But the only way to make this more adorable is by making it into a toy, right!?

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