Review: A Space For The Unbound – A Beautifully Rendered, Breathtaking Adventure Game

Yes, you can pet all the cats.

We began our time with Mojiken Studio’s A Space For The Unbound curled up on our sofa, cup of steaming tea close by, with winter rain softly rapping against the window. Much like reading a good book, it felt right to play this slice-of-life adventure game this way; it pulled us in immediately in with its gorgeous pixel art depicting 1990s Indonesia and entranced us with its narrative of anxiety, depression, and hefty dose of magic realism.

A Space For The Unbound puts you in the role of a high school student named Atma, spending much of his time with his girlfriend Raya as they explore their vividly realised town of Loka. It isn’t long before Raya reveals her supernatural powers to you, and it’s these powers, along with a mysterious notebook that Atma finds, that lead to quite a lot of problems for you to solve.

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