Review: Astronite – 1-Bit Metroidvania Adventuring With A Dash Of Dark Souls

The full Spectrum.

Astronite looks like it hails from the ZX Spectrum, and that’s precisely its goal. Touted as a “1-bit Metroidvania”, it’s rendered in stark black and white, with thin line art and all the evocative hallmarks of PC gaming’s bygone age. It even features little floppy disk icons at its save points and old-style telephones at its teleportation devices, allowing you to hop from one side of the map to the other.

Astronite’s difficulty, too, is another callback to video gaming’s nascent years. A good, solid kind of challenge, it starts digging in as early as the Abandoned Grottoes with a nasty set of Mario World-like stone plungers, spikes, and water to hinder your movement.

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