Review: Batman: Arkham Trilogy (Switch) – Two Solid Ports, One Technical Disaster

Hand me the bug repellent bat-spray, Robin.

When it comes to superhero games, Rocksteady Studios served us up a trio of the very best examples of the genre with its superlative Batman: Arkham Trilogy. Whether you prefer the smaller scale and comparative intimacy of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the vast open world of Arkham City or the Batmobile-powered battles of Arkham Knight, there’s a lot of top-notch bat-action for bat-fans to dig into throughout this delightfully dark odyssey.

We’ve had our fingers crossed for a long time that at least some of the incredible Arkham games would eventually (bat)wing their way onto the Switch and now we’ve got the entire flipping trilogy to blast our way through. But how do they perform on Nintendo’s ageing portable machine? As expected, 2009’s Arkham Asylum, which debuted on PS3, plays fairly well. With scaled-back graphics and a 30fps target in the mix, it’s a solid port that gets the job done, even if it does with zero panache and a few more stutters and texture pop-in issues than we’d have liked.

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