Review: Boyfriend Dungeon – A Fun But Ultimately Shallow ‘Dating Crawler’

Knee deep in dunj.

Sometimes you come across a game that really makes you curious what the developers were thinking when they were first drafting it. Boyfriend Dungeon is one such game. It’s a dungeon crawler, rather like Hades or Diablo, with the twist that your character is probably dating the weapon they’re using to kill baddies. As ridiculous as it sounds, Boyfriend Dungeon often surprises you with how compelling it can prove to be. It’s far from perfect, but this is the kind of game that will definitely strike a chord with an audience.

The premise of Boyfriend Dungeon sees you assuming the role of a twenty-something, blank slate protagonist with next to no romantic experience in life. You go to stay with your cousin near Verona Beach for the summer, and he decides to make it his mission to hook you up with someone before the summer ends. Lucky for you, several of the local youths have the puzzling ability to transform into close-range weapons, which is perfect for going on romantic outings into nearby dungeons to kill some monsters.

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