Review: Capcom Fighting Collection – An Essential Buy For One-On-One Fighting Fans

It’s a Graveyard Smash.

Capcom was a king of the nascent arcade industry back in the 1980s. An innovator, a game-changer, its invention within the fighting game genre remains unsurpassed. The company isn’t new to releasing retro collections, with close to thirty compilations across various platforms. With newer hardware, however, there’s a more reliable chance that arcade games will be accurately preserved, and in a more streamlined format. Essentially, this is exactly what Capcom Fighting Collection offers.

Be aware, though, that the featured titles are strictly arcade-only, meaning Donovan’s corrupt alter-ego from Vampire Savior (PlayStation and PSP compilations), three rather excellent console-exclusive characters from Cyberbots (Sega Saturn/PlayStation) and three appearances unique to console releases of Super Puzzle Fighter II X aren’t present.

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