Review: Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course – Short, Sweet, And Utterly Essential

You’d be a mug to ignore it.

There’s a section near the end of one of the new stages in Cuphead’s DLC that made us shout a four-letter word at the screen extremely loudly, and that word wasn’t ‘cups’. Being the level-headed types we are, it’s very rare for a game to make us resort to such outbursts, but there we were, bellowing the sort of language that would turn the air bluer than Mugman’s nose. And yet, despite this, we weren’t gnawing our fists in rage or spiking the controller off the wall. We were laughing.

We can’t go into much more detail because it’s the sort of thing you should discover for yourself, but it’s the sort of cheap trick that will likely guarantee you’ll die the first time, which in any other case would be thoroughly infuriating given how many lives will likely be lost to reach that point. And yet, something about Cuphead makes its cheeky trick endearing rather than enraging.

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