Review: Destroy All Humans! – Ray Guns And Probes Abound In This Silly, Simplistic Remake

Alien Resurrection?

Black Forest Games’ remake of 2005’s Destroy All Humans! issues a warning to players upon launching into its campaign for the very first time. The overall experience, it says, has been upgraded but the content, the story, words and images, remain the same and may be shocking to modern human brains. It’s an honest acknowledgement of some rather crude early noughties humour that’s aged poorly in many ways — stuff that can come across as quite offensive in this day and age — but it’s also a warning that’s equally applicable to gameplay here, which really hasn’t stood the test of time very well.

Destroy All Humans sees players assume the role of Crypto, a rather vicious little alien who sounds suspiciously like Jack Nicholson, as he arrives on Earth in order to gather Furon DNA and investigate the whereabouts of his predecessor, a clone who vanished while undertaking the very same mission. Where this game excels is in its setting; in its depiction of a fictional 1950s America that’s all white picket-fences, secret servicemen, Area 51-esque facilities and a brainwashed, paranoid public who fear the red menace and place their trust in totally corrupt government officials. It sets its B-movie stall out well, gives you a fine selection of ridiculous weapons, tricks and traps with which to go about your alien objectives but then, rather unfortunately, does very little with its promising premise.

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