Review: Gamedec – A Gripping, Gritty Cyberpunk Detective Adventure

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel…”.

It’s interesting to consider how the role-playing genre has grown over the years, changing expectations around what somebody can expect from one. These days, an RPG usually consists of a relatively big fantasy or sci-fi world, a deep narrative, and a combat system heavily dependent on various numerical values. Gamedec—a new release from Polish developer Anshar Studios—more or less hits those first two specifiers, but there’s no combat or stat points to speak of here. For some, this lack of focus on gameplay may come across as a drawback, but we’d encourage you to try it anyway. There’s a fascinating world to participate in here if you have the right mindset.

Gamedec places you in the role of the eponymous Gamedec—a ‘game detective’—who works various cases tracking down missing persons, solving murders, etc. These cases are all based on the work of Marcin Przybyłek, a Polish author who wrote a five-part collection of original short stories set in a technologically advanced universe. Each case has you jumping between Realium (the real world) and various digital games—like a cute take on Harvest Moon—using a special chair that sends a person’s mind into the game.

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