Review: GoldenEye 007 – Aged And Flawed, But Still A Masterpiece Of Game Design

Gold-tinted specs?

This review originally went live in 2011, and we’re updating and republishing it to mark the game’s arrival in Switch’s N64 library via the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack.

Highly revered by countless N64 owners, GoldenEye 007 is often credited with kick-starting the first-person shooter craze on consoles. It not only showed that a good first-person shooter could be crafted for a machine other than a high-spec PC, but arguably also created the multiplayer FPS phenomenon on consoles. In fact, if it weren’t for GoldenEye, it’s quite feasible that franchises such as Halo and Call of Duty might never have experienced the intense popularity that propelled them into the gaming lexicon.

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