Review: Kitaria Fables – A Delightfully Cute, Fantasy Life-Style RPG Adventure

One for the grinders.

It’s been seven years since Level-5’s toylike RPG masterpiece Fantasy Life came to the 3DS in the West, and like addicts seeking our next hit we’ve been searching for something that replicates that feeling ever since. Between games like Ni No Kuni (also Level-5) and cutesy Rune Factory-likes such as Littlewood, we’ve come close… but in a surprising twist, Kitaria Fables is the younger sibling to Fantasy Life that we never saw coming.

The pitch doesn’t really do the game justice: “a delightfully cute action adventure RPG with farming and crafting” makes us feel that another-farming-game fatigue that followed in the wake of Stardew Valley, and the cat theming, we’ll be honest, left us expecting something twee and hollow. After all, we’ve been burned by cute-looking stuff before.

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