Review: Let’s Sing ABBA – La Question C’est Voulez-Vous

ABBA-go hero.

Let’s start with a question: Why are you here? Of all the many games launching in the latter third of 2022, this is perhaps the most dependably, dryly predictable in form and function: a Let’s Sing game featuring songs by Abba. Sure, you might be curious about the playlist or the various modes in this particular entry of the long-running karaoke series, but as video games go, this particular quantity is about as ‘known’ as they come.

Perhaps you’re here for the same reason we said ‘yes’ to review code: sometimes you just need something reliable and restorative. Times are tumultuous and the unexpected offer of a night in belting out some bangers with friends and family in a no-stakes, low-stress environment sounds like just what the doctor ordered. For hardened gamers, there’s no worrying about avoiding spoilers online or impaling yourself on a difficulty spike with Let’s Sing Abba; it’s as wonderfully low-maintenance and uplifting as you expect it to be.

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