Review: Life Is Strange 2 – A Solid Switch Port For This Thrilling Second Story

Highway to hell?

Given the critical and commercial success enjoyed by Life is Strange back in 2015, creating a compelling direct sequel can’t have been easy for developer Dontnod. Yet just three years later, players were surprised with a brand new story that was every bit as emotionally affecting as the first, if not more so. It boasts a plot that was both intimate yet grand in scope, taking two core protagonists on a road trip from hell after a tragedy tears them from their comfortable home life. In 2023, though, as the last main part of the Life is Strange puzzle to come to Switch, does the game still hold up? Well, yes… mostly.

Life is Strange 2 for the Switch contains all five episodes that were originally released over a staggered period of time back in 2019, as you would hope. Each episode will last you a couple of hours or so, so you’re looking at roughly 10-12 hours to complete the whole package, give or take. It uses that time pretty effectively, using the episodic structure to maintain a decent sense of pace throughout.

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