Review: Lost In Random – A Rich Audiovisual Treat With Inventive But Limited Combat

Finely diced.

Lost in Random tells a story of two sisters, Even and Odd, who inhabit a fantastical storybook world of woollen chess pieces and steampunk teapots and the like. They’re separated by the Queen in accordance with a draconian tradition that sees children roll a dice on their twelfth birthday to determine their station for the rest of their life. When Odd is whisked away, Even sets off to find her, befriending as she goes a magical dice named… Dicey.

The world is structured in six realms — linked to the faces of the dice — from Onecroft, the lowliest of the low, to Sixtopia, representing a fantasy life of luxury with the Queen. Even starts off in Onecroft and set off to find Odd in Sixtopia, passing in turn through Two-Town, Threedom, etc. The gateways between realms can be opened only when you have enough pips on your dice, and those are acquired by completing quests in the world as you explore. In the course of traversing the towns to find and complete these quests, you encounter battles.

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