Review: Love Esquire – A Fantastic Voice Cast Elevates This Seductive Romp

Looking for love in all the right places.

Visual novels and dating sims used to be hard to come by here in the West, especially on consoles. However, the Switch, with its portability and vibrant screen, has enjoyed a wealth of games in these genres over the years. One of the latest to make its way to the console is Love Esquire from publisher Mama Morin.

Originally developed for PC by Yangyang Mobile back in 2019, Love Esquire is the tale of a lowly squire who is desperate to lose his virginity by the time he is shipped off to war. He has four months to go from being a weird loser to a weird loser with a girlfriend. As is often the case in these games, there are exactly five eligible ‘bachelorettes’ in the whole city for him to choose from, each with their own gift preferences, schedules, and story to explore.

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