Review: Metallic Child – A Robot Smashing ‘Roguelite’ Anime Adventure

Isometric action inspired by Mega Man.

The venerable hobby of “games” has borne witness to innumerable robotic sprogs. Metallic Child attempts to be a definitive answer to the likes of Mega Man, Astro Boy and – most formidably of all – Mighty No. 9. We jest, of course. Inafune’s infamous crowdfunded project (resulting in an incredibly mediocre game) isn’t really competition for this one. We bring it up, though, because Metallic Child sort of reminded us of it. Wait, don’t run off! We promise it’s not a bad thing. You see, Metallic Child is an isometric Mega Man roguelite, as absurd as that sounds, with character designs that immediately bring Mighty No. 9 to mind. You pick a target, then head off into the game world to beat them up.

The roguelite elements are actually quite limited, to the point where we’re not even sure if it’s accurate to call it a roguelite. Rather than starting from scratch on every run, you’ll only have one shot through to complete each level/dungeon; upgrades and boons found therein will be lost on death, but if you’ve cleared a level it will stay cleared. Arguably this very much stretches the roguelite definition; it’s the use of randomised positive and negative stat changes that contribute to it. However, the risk of losing “time” is rather high, with each multi-floor stage taking a good hour or so to play through even at speed.

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