Review: Metroid Dread – Quite Possibly The Best Metroid Game Ever Made

And the E.M.M.I. goes to…

After absolutely nailing its first shot at a Metroid adventure with 2017’s Metroid II 3DS remake Samus Returns, Nintendo has given MercurySteam another bite at the cherry in which they’ve chosen to retain many of the unique gameplay elements of their last outing whilst adding a bunch of stealth. It’s a risky manoeuvre, adding a completely new mechanic like this to such a well-loved and heavily scrutinised franchise but, we’re pleased to report, the Spanish developer has handed in a phenomenal new entry in the series that we just cannot stop playing. Metroid Dread is fantastic.

Of course, one of the most exciting things in the build up to this brand new outing for Samus Aran has been that it’s the first game we’re getting a chance to play on Nintendo’s fancy new OLED Switch, and we really can’t think of a better title with which to introduce that amazing screen. This is a properly gorgeous adventure, with each of the various biomes of the planet ZDR that you puzzle and blast your way through coming with its own with unique and wonderfully detailed enemy types, flora and fauna, some truly stunning lighting effects and other fancy graphical bells and whistles.

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