Review: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – A Deliciously Difficult, Must-Have Expansion

An expansion with bite.

Monster Hunter Rise has proven to be a welcome continuation of the IP’s global growth in popularity, following the breakout mainstream success of 2018’s Monster Hunter: World and its Iceborne expansion on non-Nintendo platforms. Rise itself brought some interesting evolutions from World, retaining more of the quirky charm we loved in previous generations on platforms like 3DS, Wii and Wii U, while shaking up the formula for the better (well, in this writer’s opinion, anyway). It delivered load-free open zones, faster traversal and verticality, and new mechanics to give combat a fast-paced, stylish feel.

It was relatively easy, though, by Monster Hunter standards. Not only did Capcom do some welcome streamlining of the ‘grind’, but a lot of encounters barring a small number of exceptions were more manageable and less terrifying than perhaps expected. This was partly due to new movement and mechanics improving our abilities, but we can also be guilty of forgetting that Rise was the ‘base’ game.

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