Review: NBA 2K22 – Loading Aside, This Baller’s Got It Where It Counts

Hoop Dreams?

With another year’s NBA season not too far away, a brand new edition of NBA 2K makes its way onto Switch just in time to give b-ball fans a wealth of slam-dunking sports action to get stuck into. This time around developer Visual Concepts has made a few neat changes to shooting and defence, improved upon last year’s controversial shot meter and introduced a new fatigue system that’ll see you need to be more strategically minded during matches. If you’re an NBA 2K fan there’s certainly plenty to enjoy in NBA 2K22, even if this port can be a little bit of a pain to play at times on Nintendo’s console.

Considering there’s pretty much exactly the same core contingent of modes on offer as ever for this 2022 update, for the most part fans of the franchise will know what to expect at this stage. MyCareer, MyTeam, Blacktop, the WNBA, MyLeague and a bevvy of online options all make a return and, although the career mode has been shaken up a bit, it’s pretty much business as usual outside of this. The fancy next-gen versions of NBA 2K22 may have a new City area to play around in this year but, unfortunately, this aspect of the game hasn’t made it over to the Switch or other last-gen consoles.

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