Review: No More Heroes III – A Swaggering Joke Of A Game That Suda51 Fans Will Love

FU Fighters.

It’s certainly a relatively novel take on the whole E.T. thing. You all saw that instantly iconic “Goddamn Superhero” trailer back at the 2019 Game Awards, right? Cute little alien FU (pronounced “foo” – careful now) returns to earth 20 years after he was taken in and cared for by hapless Elliott-alike Damon Ricitiello (last seen in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes), but rather than having grown into any kind of altruistic “I’ll be right here” simpleton, FU is now an irascible, bloodthirsty intergalactic prince. And with Damon’s help, he’s here to take over the planet.

Now, Travis Touchdown isn’t having any of that, especially given FU’s propensity for hurting his friends. So it’s once more unto the lurid, deeply divisive breach as you plunge headfirst into a brand new, full-featured No More Heroes experience. Far from the quarter-measure of Travis Strikes Again, this is a masterfully-drawn pint of gaming stout, though you may find there’s a little bit of a head on it.

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