Review: Nobody Saves The World – A Thrilling Action-RPG For Fans Of Old-School Zelda

Nobody saw it coming.

The recent release of Triangle Strategy raised an interesting conversation about the role of customization in RPGs. For those of you who didn’t pick it up, progression there is almost entirely linear, with each character having a predefined class that remains rather rigid throughout the whole experience. Some enjoyed having that more ‘intended’ and consistent experience, while others didn’t like feeling boxed in to pre-made cutouts. For those that feel like you would be more in line with the latter group, Nobody Saves the World is absolutely designed with you in mind. This is a remarkably open-ended and thrilling action-RPG that constantly throws surprises and choices your way, enabling you to overcome its challenges on your own terms. It’s gaming ‘comfort food’, plain and simple.

Nobody Saves the World sees you playing the role of a pale, fleshy, zombie creature who wakes up in a small hut with no memory of its past. The villagers speak of a Calamity coming, and it can seemingly only be averted by a powerful wizard in the village named Nostramagus. Unfortunately, Nostramagus is nowhere to be found, and you quickly discover that he left behind his wand with a note asking his bumbling assistant to come save him. To stick it to the annoying assistant, you decide to take the wand yourself—granting you newfound transformation powers—and set out on a quest to find Nostramagus and hopefully put a stop to the Calamity before everything is destroyed.

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