Review: Onion Assault – A Bold, Breezy Homage To Super Mario Bros. 2

A game with layers?

If you’ve played Bertil Hörberg’s Gunman Clive and its direct sequel on 3DS, Wii U, or Switch, then the developer’s latest effort, Onion Assault, will look immediately familiar to you. But while the former two titles were undoubtedly inspired by the Mega Man franchise, Onion Assault instead feels like an homage to Nintendo’s own Super Mario Bros. 2 (originally Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, of course). It’s a well-made game that shines in all the right places, but it also proves to be an occasionally frustrating experience and, sadly, one that probably won’t be quite as memorable as the developer’s previous efforts.

Onion Assault stars two playable main characters: Pelle Lok, a topless brute of a man, and his mother, Mama Lok, who wears an apron and a pair of oven mitts that double for boxing gloves. Both characters sport a similar stocky stature as those in Gunman Clive, along with the same bushy eyebrows that Mechstermination Force‘s main character boasted. There’s no difference in how the Loks control, so your choice here is purely based on which one appeals to you aesthetically.

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