Review: Out of Line – A Gorgeous Puzzle-Platformer That Doesn’t Quite Pay Off

A game stuck in limbo.

Out of Line really could have been so much more. Developed by Nerd Monkeys, it’s a puzzle platformer that feels like a riff on earlier modern classics such as PlayDead’s Limbo and Inside; it’s a linear experience that features action set-pieces and copious puzzles to drive its narrative, but never really capitalises on either, resulting in an experience that is pleasant to behold on your first playthrough, but ultimately ends up being rather forgettable.

You play as San, a cute, spear-wielding character who is on the run after escaping what looks to be a sinister-looking factory (no, we’re not in Oddworld here). Right from the start, San’s motivations and objectives – and indeed the wider narrative – feel intentionally vague and abstract, but certainly to the game’s own detriment. From beginning to end, you’re never quite aware of what’s going on, who the characters are, and what your end goal ultimately is. It’s clear that the developer has leaned on the aforementioned Inside for narrative inspiration, but the plot in Out of Line just feels a bit too vague for our liking.

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