Review: Persona 3 Portable – A Fine Series Entry, Though One That’s Tough To Return To

“Remember you will die”.

Though Persona 3 was actually the fourth mainline release in the series, the meme goes that it was really the first because Atlus just refuses to acknowledge the previous games. As a fresh start for the series, Persona 3 was eventually followed up with not one, but two ‘final’ versions that each had important new features which didn’t appear in the other version. The version that was chosen for the modern remaster was Persona 3 Portable, which originally saw release on the PSP in the late 2000s. Though it certainly feels like an aging portable game, P3P shows that it’s still got it where it counts; despite some drawbacks, this remains an enjoyable and engaging RPG.

Much like other releases in the series, P3P follows an ensemble cast of high school characters led by your silent protagonist, who in this case is a transfer student who returns to their hometown ten years after the death of both their parents. Things quickly take a darker turn when you experience the mysterious Dark Hour, a hidden, liminal time just after midnight when a creepy moon shines brightly and all humans briefly turn into standing coffins.

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