Review: Persona 4 Golden – A Must-Buy Classic That’s Stood The Test Of Time

“Heartbreak, heartbreak, you tell me goomba”.

Although Shin Megami Tensei is technically the flagship RPG franchise over at Atlus, its spin-off Persona series has made huge strides in finding mainstream appeal in recent years. While Persona 5 may have done most of the heavy lifting, Persona 4 Golden (P4G)—the enhanced re-release of the PS2 classic—was also an instrumental part in getting the series on the map. Part of the benefit of being released on the tragically doomed PS Vita meant that it was that much easier to stand out from the slim crowd of games on the platform, and P4G was quickly lauded as one of the few must-have buys for the platform. After stronger-than-expected sales from its surprise Steam release in 2020, P4G has now found its way to the Switch and we’re pleased to report that it is still a thoroughly delightful RPG.

P4G places you in the role of a city-dwelling silent protagonist who moves to the rural town of Inaba to live with his uncle and cousin for a year while his parents work abroad. While your character seems to adjust well to his new life, things are tense around town as there’s a serial killer on the loose who’s consistently evading the police. Your character and his newfound friends then quickly get wrapped up in the mystery when they discover the Midnight Channel, a mysterious ‘other world’ that can be accessed by crawling through a TV screen. The killer is using the Midnight Channel and its abundant population of Shadows to murder his victims, but you soon realize that you can battle Shadows using your Personas and free the victims before it’s too late. You and your friends thus set out to save the killer’s victims while also stringing together clues to try and deduce who the killer is.

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