Review: Pokemon Unite – Pokémon Divides In Free-To-Start MOBA

Fun, in the right circumstances.

Since the original release of Pokémon Red and Blue on the Game Boy, The Pokémon Company has consistently tried to take its successful monster-collecting RPG through many different iterations, genres, and applications. Pokémon has taken forays into genres such as digital/physical card games, the Mystery Dungeon series, and ventured into the lives of what non-trainers do in the world with the Ranger titles. We’ve even seen Pokémon interactions brought into real life with the Pokéwalker and the augmented reality mechanics of Pokémon Go. This time, with Pokémon Unite, Pokémon has joined the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre, more commonly referred to as “MOBA”.

Pokémon Unite has a gentle learning curve that doesn’t require previous familiarity with MOBAs. From the get-go, the game teaches all of the main mechanics with the prolific electric mouse, Pikachu. Despite easy to grasp tutorials, though, the game does lack more crucial tips such as explaining undefended goal zones; these are goals players can immediately score inside by holding the button down.

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