Review: Quake – The Definitive Version Of An Iconic, Flawless FPS

Gothic Revival.

What is there left to say about Quake at this stage really? Arriving on the FPS scene some 25 years ago as a successor to iD Software’s phenomenal DOOM, it single-handedly revolutionised a genre with its real-time 3D rendering ushering in a new era of immersion that left its storied predecessor feeling resolutely old-school by comparison. Quake was truly ground-breaking stuff, to the extent that its ripple effect can still be felt in the most modern of first person shooters. A quarter of a century later though, how does its brand of fast-paced FPS action hold up? As it turns out, spectacularly well.

Stealth-dropped as part of QuakeCon, this remastered version of the classic FPS wisely avoids tinkering with the magic formula that made the game so great in the first place, instead keeping the look and feel of the original intact whilst carefully adding all manner of modern bells and whistles in a feature-packed port that’s an absolute dream to spend time with.

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