Review: Railgrade – An Entertaining Management Sim That Runs Out Of Steam

All aboard the capitalism train!

There is something deeply appealing about playing with trains. They go exactly where you tell them to, yet can still behave in unexpected ways to keep things interesting. Railgrade from developer Minakata Dynamics is a great railway management sim game with some fun quirks. While it doesn’t go as deep into its mechanics as other games in the genre, it manages to be entertaining throughout its lengthy campaign.

Mastering the careful balancing act of cost versus efficiency is at the heart of Railgarde, which casts players in the role of Administrator for the dubious Nakatani Chemicals corporation. A recent arrival to the company’s space colony, your role is to manage the resources at sites and make sure everything is running smoothly across the planet. That means setting up increasingly complex railway systems to deliver materials, energy, and goods where they need to go.

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