Review: RiMS Racing – A Poor Switch Port Makes For An Uneasy Rider

Brake drag.

In order to very quickly condense exactly what kind of motorcycle sim RiMS Racing is, consider this: There are over 500 fully licenced vehicle parts in this game and just eight actual bikes. This isn’t a sleight on Raceward Studio’s game, far from it, the eight bikes here are very obviously authentically detailed and lovingly crafted, it’s just more of a pointer as to what kind of experience you should be expecting once you dive in here.

RiMS Racing is all about providing an almost staggeringly in-depth take on the maintenance, fine-tuning and constant upgrading and care that’s just as much part and parcel of real-life motorsports as blasting down the track doing wheelies for the fans. If you’re looking for a game that lets you investigate and change every aspect of the machine you’re riding — one that constantly requires you to get under the hood and tinker — this is the one for you. Or at least it would be, if this Switch port wasn’t so disappointingly rough.

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