Review: Risk System – A Smart And Gutsy Shmup

Do a barrel roll.

Shoot-’em-up players are well known for enjoying a good graze. After all, who doesn’t? Cows do, for example. But the important distinction between the bovine graze and the shmupper’s graze is that the former involves feeding on grass while the latter refers to moving your craft close to bullets and other danger in order to accrue extra points or possibly fill some sort of secondary bar. So, they’re not really the same thing at all, but the spirit is there. Okay, it’s not. But the risk was taken, and that’s what Risk System is all about.

Risk System is ostensibly a traditional horizontal shoot-’em-up akin to the likes of R-Type, but with stages based around patterns of enemy craft and projectiles rather than environmental hazards. Control is as simple as you’d expect – move with the D-pad or left stick, dodge roll up with the Y button and down with the B button, hitting A to use your barrier bomb.

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