Review: Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle – Switch’s Best Card Battling RPG Yet

The game based on the anime based on the game!

It’s rather shocking to consider how few card games there are on the Switch today. Sure, there are quite a few deck-building roguelites that incorporate elements of card games into their design, but these don’t quite manage to scratch that same itch. Luckily, Cygames has seen fit to bring over its popular Shadowverse mobile game in the form of Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, a full-fledged RPG that’s built entirely around the card game. Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle is a resounding success in what it sets out to do, providing a compelling and enjoyable take on the genre that we’d strongly encourage you to check out.

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle follows a typical Shonen school drama narrative about an anonymous, mute new student to Tensei Academy. In both the school and the surrounding town, a card game called Shadowverse has completely taken over the zeitgeist, and your character of course has an uncanny natural ability to play the game amazingly well. One thing leads to another and your character finds themselves joining the school’s mysterious Shadowverse club, which is weirdly unpopular and underground considering the prevalence of the card game literally everywhere else you go. As a result of its decline, the school’s class president wants to close the club down for good, but she agrees to let it go on if you and your friends can win the Shadowverse world championship.

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