Review: Sky: Children of the Light – An Experience That Soars On Switch

A mobile marvel.

When Sky: Children of the Light (or just ‘Sky’ in-game) launched back in 2019 on iOS, it was met with well-deserved critical acclaim. Some were dismayed that the follow-up to the iconic adventure title Journey would be shackled to the mobile world, but after laying eyes on the gorgeous visuals, simplistic gameplay, and inspired use of social interaction, there was but one question forming on the lips of players worldwide: “hang on… this is a mobile game?!”

Despite this, there was no doubt a good chunk of gamers (this writer included) that wished the game would eventually launch on console, if only to have better control of the protagonist without fear of their hands cramping up. Well, two years have passed, and Sky is finally available on the Nintendo Switch, retaining everything that made the mobile version so great whilst adding in fully button-mapped controls (and yes, we know mobile devices support controllers… just go with it).

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