Review: The Hand Of Merlin – Roguelite Strategy That Grabs Hold Of You

These hands are rated E for Everyone.

A couple years ago, a small Croatian development team called Room-C set out to create a new game set in Arthurian mythology called The Hand of Merlin. Following a roguelite structure and based around high-difficulty, tactical gameplay, the release quickly gained a passionate fanbase that eagerly awaited each new iteration as the title went through Early Access on Steam. Now that the title has finally reached 1.0 status, it’s been ported to consoles, and we’re happy to report that the final product is an enjoyable and intense experience that’s well worth your time.

The narrative in The Hand of Merlin is kept to a minimum, consisting of a larger overarching event that’s filled in by various smaller emergent events which change from run to run. The main thrust of the story here is that there’s a terrible Cataclysm slowly corrupting the land and killing off life, and the spirit of Merlin the Wizard is the last hero of the Round Table who can do something about it. Though he’s, uh, sorta dead, he’s able to travel the multiverse and help various bands of heroes and adventurers in their quest to save their world. If they fail and die, Merlin bails on them and goes to another universe to try again.

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