Review: The Silver Case 2425 – Style Over Substance In This Pair Of Early Suda51 Epics

Case closed.

Every now and again, we review a game that’s just absolutely no fun. The review process can sometimes be a bit of a drag — we know, complaining about a job where you play games for a living is like being annoyed that your career as a biscuit taster is making you put on weight — and unfortunately, The Silver Case 2425, a two-in-one adventure visual novel, is one of those games. With 30+ hours needed to beat the game, that would be enough, but we found this double-pack of games is an absolute slog to get through. Playing them made us want to poke out our eyes with a hot spoon, and we need those eyes to do our jobs.

BUT — and there’s a massive ‘but’, here (teehee) — we also need to make a little disclaimer. You see, this is a Suda51 game, and ‘obtuse’, ‘irritating’, ‘painfully slow’ and ‘hard-to-follow’ are kinda his thing. If you’re into his games, you might adore this but Goichi Suda’s style doesn’t appeal to everyone, which apparently includes this reviewer. Your mileage may vary, but here’s how we fared, at least.

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