Review: XEL – Promising Zelda-Style Sci-Fi Adventuring That Falls Short On Switch

Taking the Zelda formula into space.

Zelda games have laid out a comfortable roadmap for developers to follow when making action-adventure games, and there’s no shortage of Zelda-likes to enjoy on Switch and elsewhere. Tiny Roar evidently took heavy notes from Nintendo’s storied franchise when putting together XEL, which takes cues from both classic and modern Zelda titles and places them in a beautiful sci-fi setting that, at first glance, is perfect for exploring. Unfortunately, there are some serious technical issues with the visuals on Switch that hold it back from reaching its full potential.

XEL follows the story of Reid, a wise-cracking spaceship pilot who crash-lands in a strange environment with no memory of her past or even her name. She is quickly joined by Chap, a silent robot floating companion who encourages her to look around this strange new land. The world is bright and colourful, giving a beautiful glimpse into a world of advanced technology that has been reclaimed by nature.

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